Enlighten Essentials – The Trip

Enlighten Essentials - The Trip

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The trip is a .5g pill used for pyschellic therapy. Alleviates anxiety AD.D./OCD, deppression. and promotes loss of procrastination. This product is amazing for P.T.S.D. But be sure to take it in a safe, stress free environment, ideally out in nature.

6 reviews for Enlighten Essentials – The Trip

  1. main2438

    Going to be trying this for anxiety

  2. Darren Cooke

    Will one get you high and for how long

  3. vinniesloan0

    Not as good as I thought

  4. Amanda

    This helped me a lot. I have anxiety issues and it helped me with finding my balance.

  5. Ellie

    I’m so stressed latelyyyyy and this was a gift sent from above!

  6. vsloane69

    Stress reliever

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