Mix & Match (AAA+) OZ

Mix & Match (AAA+) OZ

(12 customer reviews)


  Product Quantity
Bubba Kush AAA
Bubba Kush AAA+
Quarters (7g)

Temporarily unavailable

death bubba online weed dispensary pacific cannabis
Death Tuna AA *Hot Deal*
Quarters (7g)

Out of stock

Ice Cream Cake AAA (100$/OZ) *HOT DEAL*
Quarters (7g)

Temporarily unavailable

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Nuken AAA+
Quarters (7g)

Out of stock

Rockstar AAA
Quarters (7g)
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Romulan AAA+
Quarters (7g)

Temporarily unavailable

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Mix and match your favorite AAA strains

12 reviews for Mix & Match (AAA+) OZ

  1. J.t.p91

    Love that this website gives us options like this. It’s really hard to find these kinds of options with this kind of price. Really good if you have a couple of favourite strains and can’t just decide on one also gives a nice variety of taste colour and smell to your bag

  2. Zach

    I was looking forward to trying another set. I had an issue. After we talked about the issue and nothing back yet, just a reminder before you spend.
    Considering the previous experience it was a great ( too good?) value and great product.

  3. tzurp1

    My favorite place to order ?

  4. vinniesloan0

    Gelato wasn’t great

  5. vinniesloan0

    It’s was good this time

  6. vsloane69

    Wasn’t as good as I thought it would be

  7. bambi

    chronic is love!!

  8. otis

    this stuff for the wiiiiiiiiin i love it!!!

  9. monica

    pretty pricey but it’s so good.

  10. kenny

    good stuff I buy more. This is what I smoke ever since!

  11. Michele Makohoniuk

    I happen to have White Castle which is one of their amazing strains I’ve ordered from this company even years ago. If you want to try a few different strains that are $180 this is an awesome way to go. The buds are always nice hard and dense. They jam up my grinder the way they should because they have trichomes of yumminess. My keif catcher always fills up at Pacific canny. That’s how you know you’re getting good bud. Not to mention taste flavour the way of Vapes and rolls and burns when smoking in a joint. I always get 12 to 18 Puffs per stem from Pacific canny. Sometimes 20. The government you’re lucky you get five. When I roll it the flavours the way it burns even the smoke Burns beautifully it’s an amazing product from this company I’ve been dealing with them for years. The $80 stuff is a hit-and-miss the Alaskan Thunder f*** is good but they’re $150 mix and matches a great deal if you want to try some of the AAA Plus or for Quad weed. White Castle taste like strawberries yumminess. Great for Daytime Nighttime anytime. For experienced users only. Thank you all out there we love you here in Ontario prayers and blessings m

  12. C & C

    This is a perfect way to try a couple different strains before buying in bulk. Great value. Great buds

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