Pink Kush (A+) ($3 Gram)

Pink Kush (A+) ($3 Gram)

(23 customer reviews)


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*We at Pacific Cannabis strive to source our patients the best quality medicine at the most affordable prices. With this said please understand when choosing the $2.50 & $3 flower the quality will not be AA medicine. These low cost options are to ensure that all Canadians, regardless of financial status, have access to affordable medicine.

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck (also referred to as ATF, Matanuska Thunder Fuck or Matanuska Tundra) is a legendary sativa-dominant strain originating in the Matanuska Valley area of Alaska. According to the legend, it was originally a Northern California sativa crossed with a Russian ruderalis, but sometime in the late 70s it was crossed with Afghani genetics to make it heartier. ATF usually presents large, beautifully frosted buds with incredibly strong odors of pine, lemon, menthol, and skunk. Known for possessing a relaxing yet intensely euphoric high, it is also described as having a β€œcreeper” effect as well as pronounced appetite enhancement.


Ounce (28g), 1/4 LB (112g), 1/2 LB (224g), 1 LB (448g)

23 reviews for Pink Kush (A+) ($3 Gram)

  1. jroque8356

    Very nice buds. Good amount of crystals. I use it at night to help me relax before bed. I would buy again.

  2. ricparadis

    Nice medium dense nuggets. Nice odor but taste not “match” the “good” odor, sadly. Good buzz but not “heavy” enough for me… I’ll say a 16-19% thc???Only 2 complaints here because it’s a nice weed overall and it’s worth a try!

  3. kaylapascas

    Was sent this by mistake. Nice crystals. Not too bad at all

  4. Canadaweed

    Good flavor and smell

  5. vinniesloan0

    Great taste great smell

  6. jroque8356

    So I wrote a review on December 18th and that was from the first bag I opened as I order 2oz. The second bag was amazing. Medium to large dense bugs comparable to AAA strains I found on other sites. Good job and would definately buy again hoping for more like this bag.

  7. jroque8356

    Sorry. Auto correct made it bugs. Supposed to be nugs.

  8. theghostmanx1

    Love it smells just like the AAAA+ pink kush

  9. justinosborne1983

    Nice shit

  10. jroque8356

    Last time I ordered I got 2oz. First bag was good. Second bag was amazing. This order wasn’t quite as good. Still good but the buds look and feel loose and airy and a bit more stems. Still good for the price. Would get again.

  11. terryauger1

    Good taste

  12. dingle1973

    Very nice smoking herb, great aroma, flavor and the price is unbeatable.

  13. claughton_111

    This was worth every $. I will be back

  14. terryauger1

    Nice buds good taste πŸ‘

  15. rwege

    Tastes really nice. Hits really nice. Burns really nice. Not sure what else you could hope for at this pricepoint.

  16. vsloane69

    Taste like home grown

  17. Hunter O’Neal

    Great stuff πŸ™‚πŸ”₯πŸ’¨πŸ’ͺ once again I’m not disappointed by this strain as it’s my second time order this one in bulk 🚚🎁 I ordered 2 Oz’s and I’m not disappointed at all I got huge and some little buds which is nice and batch seems like it’s same or a little worse than the last batch but either way it’s great stuff for the price πŸ™‚ it has the real pink kush smell which is nice, the taste is decent and the crystal content is also decent πŸ”₯πŸ’¨πŸ’ͺ great color in the buds and nice and dense πŸ˜… I will be back for more πŸ˜‹

  18. davepolicelli

    Looks exactly like the picture ! Great indica
    Nice thick nose on it. Smooth smoke like most of the flower on this site lol

  19. Philip

    Not What I was expecting , does not look like pink kush, smells like grass, nice buds but not the pink kush I m use to .

  20. hunterkelli123

    Just ordered another batch of this stuff 😁 can’t wait to see if it better than the last πŸ”₯

  21. terryauger1

    So good had to buy again

  22. terryauger1

    Better this time around

  23. justinosborne1983


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