Buy High-Quality and Affordable Weed Online

At Pacific Cannabis our fundamental goal is to provide weed of the highest quality to our customers. The weed available at Pacific Cannabis online dispensary is unmatched in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. We choose which cannabis products to supply by having our customers in mind to provide a wide range of products at price points that are quite affordable. Affordability of the cannabis products are maximized through the rewards system in place for every purchase. With each purchase, customers can earn points and those points equal dollars that go towards their next order. These points are a thank you for our loyal customers and an incentive for first-time customers to return and order marijuana online again from Pacific Cannabis. 

Variety of Marijuana Products Available

Pacific Cannabis saves consumers’ time and energy by providing a vast range of cannabis products online at one convenient location. Customers don’t have to move from one online dispensary to the next in search of certain marijuana products. In addition to the extensive variety of weed products available, Pacfic Cannabis also makes it easier for customers to make their purchases because mail order marijuana is just a click away. Then after the purchasing activity is done, the delivery team comes in and makes the delivery. Pacific Cannabis also considers that their customers have different tastes and preferences when it comes to the form of cannabis they use. Therefore, we have a multitude of cannabis products in different forms, including edibles, concentrates, vapes, and capsules in order to meet all of the specific needs of their customers. 

Due to the several years that Pacific Cannabis has been in the Canadian online dispensary business, we have gained valuable knowledge regarding the different reasons that customers buy marijuana online. Some buy it for medicinal purposes, others buy it for their pets, and others buy it for recreational use. By putting that into consideration, we provide a variety of high-quality weed products to meet all these needs. At Pacific Cannabis online marijuana dispensary we welcome our newly registered customers to the website in a special way with 10% off their first purchase after first registering with us. 

Get the best mail order marijuana in Canada

Once a customer has made a purchase, they are provided with a tracking number of their package as they await their delivery. This enables the customer to track the path of their package before it arrives on their doorstep. This mail order delivery system is effective due to the coordination of all factors involved throughout the ordering process. These factors include: the producers of the weed who are reliable and trusted upon their production, affordable prices provided by the business, which enables a wider range of customers to make purchases, and the company website which provides a platform that makes its possible to make the order. Pacific Cannabis ensures reliability as a proudly Canadian mail order weed supplier. 

Contact Information of Pacific Cannabis

Customers who want to order marijuana with us online have various options. Customers can make purchases through the company website ( or via our Instagram shop (@_PacificCannabis). If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at [email protected]. Facebook users can contact Pacific Cannabis by visiting their Facebook page. Additionally, to get updates on new products available on the website and any news regarding the weed products we have for sale, follow Pacific Cannabis on Instagram (@_PacificCannabis) or visit our website (