Top 5 Ways to Extract THC Organically

Cannabis concentrates, commonly known as cannabis extracts, are considerably more potent than your standard cannabis buds. Their applications as medicine have recognized to be effective for patients suffering from all kinds of diseases. A cannabis concentrate is important of the cannabis strain it was extracted from; the taste, smell, and effects are just magnified due to a larger concentration by weight.

Extraction of cannabis is a very simple procedure, which people are using for centuries.The cannabis extraction concentrates is a complex and potentially dangerous method and should only be implemented by trained experts.

Here are the top 5 ways to extract THC organically:

1. THC distillate
To isolate compounds for example THC into a pure and viscous oil, there are many layers of enhancement that must first occur. Given that THC along with other cannabinoids and terpenes are volatile and have varying boiling points. They need first to be separated from the cannabis plant via hydrocarbon / CO2 solvent-based extraction techniques. This process removes the valuable and volatile compounds from the plant itself, where as many fats, lipids, and other compounds remain. This requires further refinement through a process known as winterization, whereby a solvent such as ethanol is used in order to decrease these undesirable compounds.

2. Rosin
Rosin popularity has become very high recently. It seems almost like a shatter, which you need to make using solvents but rosin is easier to produce since all we need is heat and pressure. Together they make the juice run out of the bud, hash or kief or both. The extract of it is juicy and translucent. If it is made properly, it keeps all the aromatic terpenes, and you can find the potency can rise up to 70 % of THC.

3. Butane Hash Oil (BHO)
The title speaks for itself,Butane Hash Oilis made using butane. Different kinds of hydrocarbons (propane, butane, hexane, etc.) have been used since the 1970s for food extractions (e.g. canola and corn oil). The final product can be a different consistency which is responsible for the name of the extract e.g.; wax, shatter, oil, honeycomb, nectar, etc.

4. Hash
Hash is one of themost old cannabis extracts known to us. You can make hash by using several different techniques. The most common way to makesolventless hash is to use ice-water to separate the trichomes from the plant matter since the trichomes contain most of the essential oils. Once it is separated, they stick together and after they dry, they are pressed and the hash is fully ready!

5. Kief
Kiefis referred to the tiny, sticky, white crystals covering the cannabis flower, and it is known as the resin glands or trichomes. They cover the largest amount of the active terpenes and cannabinoids. The main purpose of trichomes is actually to prevent predators in the wild. Extraction of thekief is really a very simple process. A three chamber grinder does almost all the work by separating the kief from the plant into the bottom of the chamber.

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